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We Convert Your Garage into A Beautiful Living Space

We are experts at converting your garage into an exceptional new living space to enhance your home. Our knowledge, expert workmanship and second-to-none track record makes T25 the perfect choice for any garage conversion idea.

Choosing to convert a garage into a room is becoming more and more popular as people continue to invest in their homes. Even a small garage conversion idea can transform your living environment and provide many other benefits.

Add real value to your home – up to 20%, or £350 p/sqft according to CheckATrade.

Increase your living space with a new office, kitchen, living room, utility room and more.


Fast, efficient build compared to a new extension, loft conversion and other similar projects.

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What types of garage conversions are available?

When looking at garage conversion ideas, the first and most important thing to consider is the type of garage you have. A conversion is a cheaper, easier alternative to moving, and there are plenty of options which will allow you to convert your garage into a living space:

  • Integral garage conversion – An integral garage is attached to your property within the main walls and can be accessed from within the home. It can normally be turned into an extended kitchen or utility room easily, or another type of living space depending on position.
  • Double garage conversion – If you are looking to convert a two car garage into a living space, the same process applies as with an integral garage, you will just have more room.
  • Partial garage conversion – This works particularly well for those with a double garage. It allows you to convert half of your space and keep the other half as a traditional garage.
  • Stand alone detached garage conversion – A garage which is separate from the main property can also be converted, though it may require more work and insulation. This is especially true if you are looking to convert a detached garage into a ‘granny flat’. However, it is still a cost-effective and efficient project compared to a new extension.

What are the benefits of a garage conversion?

A garage conversion is one of the simplest ways you can change your home and it can have a huge impact. RAC Home Insurance estimates that fewer than half of all Brits use their garages to park cars in – so why waste it? Your space has a huge amount of hidden potential which can be unlocked by a garage renovation.

Read more about the benefits provided by a garage conversion here:

Increase the value of your home
Adding extra living space through a garage conversion will increase the value of your home by up to 20%, or £350 p/sqft, depending on the type of room.

More living space
If you convert your garage into a kitchen, office, living room, utility room, games room or other type of space, you will instantly have a better home living experience.

Cost efficient
A garage conversion in the UK is a cost-effective way to expand your home that will be cheaper than a new extension or a full loft conversion.

Does a garage conversion require planning permission?

Most garage conversions will come under the permitted development rules and will not require planning permission. While there are some exceptions, this is a major advantage over building a new extension.

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